Product Name : ESD Aisle Marking Tape
Item # : BJAT
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Was Price: CNY0/roll
Now Price : CNY0/roll
Last update : 2008.12.11
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ESD aisle marking tapes are used to identify Static Free area in a manufacturing facility. ESD aisle marking tape can be applied on the floor, walls, boxes or bags to identify static sensitive products. Aisle marking tapes are 0.08mm thick with ESD warning symbol and message. These aisle marking tapes are 77mm wide and 50M long on a 76mm (3") core.

ITEM NO.:BJAT-7750, BJAT-7760, BJAT-4850, BJAT-4822
BJAT-7750: 0.08mm x 77mm x 50M
BJAT-7760: 0.08mm x 77mm x 60M
BJAT-4850: 0.08mm x 48mm x 50M( without black line )
BJAT-4822: 0.17mm x 48mm x 22M( without black line )

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